You’re About To Get Your Heart Melted! How Do They Make Babies In An African Tribe?

Parents are those who choose if and when they are going to have a baby, but the baby chooses them – this is a belief in an African tribe. The baby finds its way to the parents, and its birthday is not the day when the baby is born, but when the mother thinks about having it. And when the woman who decides to have a baby, she goes and sits under a tree, sits alone and listens until she hears the song of the baby that is going to come.

And when she hears the song, she goes back to her husband, who will be the father of the baby, and sings it to him so he can learn it too. After that they make love, sings its song in order to call it.


African Tribe

 Your heart will be melted

When the mother gets pregnant, she teaches everybody the song so they can know it and sing it when its born to give it a warm welcome. While the baby grows, if it falls down and gets hurt, it gets lifted and the tribe members sing its song, or if it makes something good, or achieves something such as puberty traditional customs, they sing the song again.

If he/she has done something bad, evil, they call everybody in the middle of the village and together they sing his/hers song. The tribe understands that the correction of antisocial behavior is not punishment, but love and affection, and reminding the people of their identity. When you recognize your song, you don’t have the desire to do something that would harm the others.
You don’t have to grow up in some distant African tribe that will sing your song in crucial big moments in your life. Your life shows you when you are in harmony within yourselves and when you’re not. When you are feeling good, those are moments when you are doing something according to your song, when you are not feeling good, that’s when you are not in accordance with your song.

In the end, we will all recognize our song sometime in our life, and learn to sing it well. Maybe you are a little bit shaky in some periods in your life, but that happens to the best singers. Keep singing and you will find your way home!