Which are the WRONG Reasons For Getting Married?

8 Things When You Getting Married

While some people say the word ‘Yes’ because their hearts are filled with love and because they know that they find the right person with whom they want to create a family, others jump into marriage because of pressure of age, environment or desire for security. Here are some wrong reasons: 1. The biological clock is counting Getting married means to finding the right person that you will share the rest of your life with and you will build a healthy family environment for growing happy children. If you want to get married just because you are getting older, you may end up in an unhappy marriage without love, in which your kids would not be happy either.

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2. Improving the financial situation Money can not buy you happiness or love. You may end up in the house of your dreams with a closet full of beautiful clothes, but without love and without a faithful husband. Besides, you can never be sure how long the financial stability will last. 3. Escaping from your parents and independence Marriage does not mean freedom. It brings new problems, new challenges and new responsibilities, so if you are not ready for them, you will find yourself in a big mess from which you will not know how to exit. 4. Marriage is the next logical step Getting married is not a child’s play. It is a serious matter and the decision should be to those who are entering the marriage, not to the restive people from their environment. So, if you think you are young and you should wait, then the others should respect that. 5. Unplanned pregnancy It is really logical partners to get married after they hear the news that they are expecting a baby, but not at any price. If they have unresolved issues, if they are constantly arguing, and sometimes behave violently, then that marriage is better not to happen. Every child has the right to grow in a harmonious atmosphere and to have a life filled with love.

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6. Initial physical attraction and sexual impulses Sexual satisfaction and physical attractiveness are important in any marriage, but they should not be the basis on which you are going to build your marriage. For a marriage to last, the foundation should be built on trust, honesty, love and sometimes to sacrifice your own needs in the name of marriage. 7. Fear that the refusal of marriage proposal leads to loneliness Before you get married you have to be sure you want to say ‘yes’, don’t say yes, just because you are scared that you will never find another man. On the other hand, if he cannot wait until his beloved is not sure for the big step, he did not deserve her positive response. 8. Hope that marriage will change your partner Marriage does not change people unless they want that. If you get in marriage only for this reason, your marriage will be mirrored in your relationship only you will have wedding rings.