What Worries The Women in The Early Marriage II?

More of what scares and worries the women in the early marriage.

Things About marriage

Am I going to be a good mother?
The answer to this question is always YES, you are going to be a good mother. Like every other woman, you have the motherly instinct that will be awakened as soon as you touch your baby.
Of course you would be a good mother, but you would be even better if you have the support and confidence of your husband.


What if infidelity shakes our marriage?
You really cannot know how would you react if you found yourself in this such a bad situation. Sometimes everything can go smoothly and the next moment you can become part of the furious storm. Do not allow to poison yourself with these questions and doubts. Otherwise, you will start to behave like the infidelity happened or is happening and that will endanger the peace of your marriage. This is one of those turning moments that you think only IF happens. Until then you have no reason for concern.

I am afraid that will end up like our parents, friends, neighbors..
Unfortunately, examples of bad marriages are everywhere, whether they end up with divorce or they still exist with mutual resentment of the spouses. Many women are afraid of having marriage without sex or marriage which did not end only because of the children. In any case, it is best to keep your view on your own plate, rather than to fear that someone else problems are going to be your problems. It is only allowed to peek at others if you can learn something from their mistakes.

I will lose part of the person I am
The fact is that year after year, we evolve and change. Life with another person leads to adjustment and modification of certain tastes and habits. Do not look at this as something bad, wrong or undesirable. Remember, the emotionally mature people constantly transform. Your partner will affect you as much you affect him. In this process the most important is to select and offer the most positive qualities.