The Woman Does Not Beautify Because Of The Men..

… They do beautify to get revenge on other women!
The general chaos in which we live is flooded with the external beauty concept. Taking care of yourself and looking beautiful exceeded all realistic and normal boundaries. The desire to be attractive and need for attention turned into greedy and insatiable disease. Sometimes I think we feed our self exclusively from foreign opinions and compliments.

As I walk, I feel like how random women passers look at me from head to toe, and rudely mark me. I responded with the same service. I do not know what we are different from men who try to peek into a lush female neck. Personally, I think we are worse.


The woman does not beautify because of the men 00



Pregnant Woman

We are obsessed with the concept of beauty, with perfectly straight keratin hair, nails upgrade, not cellulite ass, endlessly long legs and sky-blue eyes.
What actually is the outer beauty of a woman if not illusory, transient and subjective job?
How can half or more of life we indulge in self-preservation, when it often makes us completely unhappy and even creates stress?

Did not understand my own gender, nor myself and I feel bad about that.
On the cobbled pavement goes the high heels, where, we should admit that is pretty hard to maintain balance. Lying in the solarium’s coffin is uncomfortable, and the result is the color of carrot, baked! Shivers crawl all over me when I hear the words like tips, clips, extensions.

We use a tone of makeup, we lie about our weight, and we use optical bait. There are no women that will reassure me that she does it for herself, because they feel so beautiful and feels comfortable.
Okey. We need to suffer for beauty, right?

Now let get back at the beginning. Here’s where the reality slapped me in the face – each would choose the girl with the perfect body, tight and dressed as a Christmas tree, and that “average” girl falls into the basket “the cute ones”.
Be sure that you would not get a compliment from your colleague, the compliment you secretly desire for, if you are ordinary and natural.

That is why the charm, the charisma and the smile became a cliche. Because of someones body and beauty with a distorted perception.
That’s the story. And I’m sick.