Which Are The Wieredest Things That Can Make You Hot?

Besides the standard physical asset, there are several things that can make you hot without you are aware of it. Read the unexpected examples that can increase your sexual desire instantly.

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Which Thing Can Make You Hot?


Scent of pastry with cinnamon
The smell of fresh, sweet pastry, along with the smell of cinnamon, in the brain of the males automatically causes sexual response. Besides the smell of cinnamon, men get hot of the smell of pumpkin pie.

One study showed that the amino acid citrulline, which has the watermelon has a similar effect as Viagra. Citrulline affect on the release of nitric oxide in the body and that relaxes the blood vessels.

The bad financial situation
When you have a lack of money, your brain is programmed that way, to ask the primary sources for a sense of achievement and value, and sex is very high on the list of primary sources. This research showed that men think of sex when they are in life-threatening situations.

When you are surrounded by male friends, men develop a sense of competition, resulting in an increased need for sex.

One study found that sexual excitement increases when we are frightened or upset. When we are in such a situation, all our senses are strained, which can result in rapid response to any sexual stimulation.

Clean bedding
Clean bedding is high on the list of things that make the men and women, hot. It is because of the relaxed condition of your brain and it is open for sex, because is knowing that your body is not lying on bacterias and fallen old skin layers.

Men produce more sperm and have more interest in sex, if they suspect that their partner is unfaithful.

The color red
As a bull who rushes red gown, men perceive women who are wearing red more attractive than the women who are at that point in wearing any other color. The brain is programmed in such a way, to interpret the red color as a sign of sexual interest.




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