Mother passes away while delivering her child, BUT then something unbelievable happens….

Behind every baby there is a unique childbirth story, but some are more thrilling than others. The story about Erica Nigrelli is a thrilling as it can get.

While the 38-year-old teacher Erica was teaching her class in Missouri City, TX, at 36 weeks of her pregnancy she fell on the floor and passed out. The children panicked and they immediately called for help and quickly got her husband, who is also her colleague at the same school. He called an ambulance to get her to the hospital where she had to have her baby delivered 3 weeks early. By the time the doctors got to cut the umbilical cord, she had already passed away. “As one life begins another one ends”, they said.

However at that moment something magical happened. Right as the doctors finished her diagnosis and announced the time of death, her heart miraculously started beating again. Erica had a heart disorder that she had not yet discovered, but she returned to life and was reunited with her husband Nathan and now newly born child Elaina. She says that this is a gift from god who has always been protecting her. She told CNN that she remembers the ambulance, “I remember being bounced up ”. And she remembers seeing bright sunlight.

The baby who was in intensive care for two weeks is now in a healthy state, living all of the moments that she shares with her mother to the fullest. Don’t forget to see the video behind this amazing story and SHARE it.