When Will My Baby Decide To Sit Up On Its Own

Getting up, in a straight position is a very important step in the baby’s development , but to accomplish this task the baby needs to learn how to sit up from a laying position first and then to gradually attempt to straighten up on his feet. The period in which this usually occurs is between the fourth and the seventh month, because this is the time when the muscles on the neck strengthen enough to allow the baby to turn his head and keep it straightened. Sitting gives a new perspective of the world to the baby.

Even though you can sit him up during the first months of his life, you will still have to wait a few months until he decides to sit up on its own. Till the fifth month some babies might have already sat up on its own, without any help from the parents -say pediatricians.

sit up

However, the baby is unstable during this time, and when he tries to get up to the sitting position he might fall, so it would be good for him if the parents are near offering him support and protection, or, if they can’t be, they can cover the places around the baby with pillows to cushion any fall the child might have. Till the seventh month he will be able to grab onto things, and till the eight month he will be able to sit up on its own.

 Support from the parents

While the baby sits, it is a good idea to put some toys near him to keep his attention. At one moment the baby will try to reach and grab the toys that are around him and this is a good exercise not only for his muscles but also for his eye -hand coordination ang a good way to learn how to use his hands.

Using toys can help the parent see if the child is developing his hearing and sight normally. Pediatricians suggest using toys that are shiny and make different sounds.

If the baby doesn’t show an interest to sit up till the fourth month of his life, or if he hasn’t already sat up till the eighth month of his life, seek professional help.

Control of the head has a key role for the baby to learn how to walk, stand and sit.