What You Should Do If Your In-laws..


Constantly advise you without you asked for an opinion? Be polite and listen to them, but do not promise anything.
If his parents are giving you tips on how to raise children, or how to organize the home, do not take a negative attitude and do not throw away their advices immediately. Listen and tell them that it is a good idea and you will look with your husband. That way you are not committed to do anything and on the other hand, they feel that they are involved in your decisions and you do not exclude them from your life.



Disagree with your parent? Separate them.
Of course, it probably is not hostility like Capulet and Montague families, but there are many cases in which the woman’s parents are not on friendly terms with her husband ‘s parents. Together with your husband talk to them separately. Explain that you do not expect them to become best friends, but that you desire them to be cultural and polite enough to each other, so you can function as one big family. When you are organizing family celebrations, make a schedule so they can sit away from each other.

Constantly asking when they will get grandchild? Do not be upset.
Their frequently asked question on this topic come from their excitement and eagerness to become grandparents. Kindly tell them that you understand their desire for a grandchild and ensure them that they will be the first to know when you will have the happy news.

Live with you and they put their nose in everything?
Tell them that you are grateful that they have given you shelter. But they should realize that it does not mean they cannot respect your privacy, your decisions related to the education of your children and the way you spend your money. Set your rules they should follow. Of course, define the rules with your husband behind closed doors and then performed them in front of his parents.