The Wedding That Horrified The Social Media!

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something – SOMEONE SHOULD NEVER DO.

The wedding that took place in the middle of May in Tennessee, surely belongs to the group of the most unusual weddings because of a very irresponsible and creepy “detail” on the edge of the wedding dress.

Exactly there, on the edge of the dress was the 1 month old daughter of the bride! She was placed there during the walk to the altar, attached on the dress.

Shona Carter Brooks published the photograph from the church on the social media and so she became a target for attacks from all over the world. Almost everyone criticized her act that she meant to be “cute”.


However, besides all criticism, Shona didn’t change her mind about this, and together with her husband she went through with this idea.She said that her 1 month old daughter was awake and completely secure in her wedding dress, while she was attacked on Facebook because of this act.


Do you think this is a good idea? Dragging the baby on the edge of your wedding dress? I personally think not.