Use These Sentences When Talking With The Child To Make Him/Her Happier

Your child need to know that even though you notice his mistakes and problems, you can see and appreciate his progress and hard work too.

Saying “Good boy” or phrases like that over and over again is not enough, the child needs variation, or it will look to him like automatically said sentences, with no true meaning.


It is good when the child hears ” You really tried” or “Thank you for your help”, or it can be some of these phrases and sentences:

This is the result of all your hard work.”

Look at how well you did that.”

You should be proud of yourself.”

I noticed you have been patient with your brother, thank you for that.”

I can see you are enjoying that subject.”

Thank you for the idea that you gave me.”

Thank you for helping me set the table it looks beautiful now.”

Look at how far you’ve gotten.”

You really have really tried to keep your room looking clean and spotless.”

I have confidence in you decision.”

These sentences are beautiful, but they have no meaning if they are not said from the heart. Don’t let your children miss the spark in your eyes after a job well done.