Unbelievable, This Woman Was Bullied For Being Fat, But She Did Something Amazing …

This is a story about an amazing woman that took a stand and saved herself when no one could.

Even from a young age, Lindsey has been bullied by her peers. She was called “Cow”, “Earthquake”, “Fatso”, “Pig” and all the other nicknames that the human mind can think of. Until the time she was 12 the doctors told her that she might need gastric bypass surgery because of her health problems. It was clear that Lindsey was a really unfortunate child.


When she was 25, she went to the doctor’s office, to schedule the surgery that she was “destined” to do, but surprisingly the doctor rejected her. She was told that there was no need for the surgery and that she could get to her ideal weight with a proper diet dedication and will.

Now anyone that heard this would just give up and lose hope, but not our Lindsey, she took the challenge of losing 300 pounds and succeeded in it. This woman is a hero. When I saw the comparison of her in the red dress, I could not believe myself. This is amazing and an inspiration to others.