Top 7 Tips How To Reduce Your Child’s Fear Of Doctors?

Fear of doctors? Children are afraid of doctors, and also like many adults, they feel great anxiety during medical examinations. For most children going to the doctor is a terrible experience, but for some it is a real nightmare. The fear of being separated from the parent, fear of pain, fear of the unknown and fear of the doctor as a new person panic children during regular checkups or vaccinations. Frightened children are not cooperating with doctors, so besides that reviews are uncomfortable experience for them, they are also stressful for the parents.

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If your child is afraid of doctors, you can avoid or reduce the fear and crying with the following tips:

Prepare your child in advance, but give him accurate information about what comes. One of the underlying causes of fear is that children do not know what to expect. When your little one is ready for what is ahead, it is more likely to cooperate. Inform in advance for preview and honestly answer his questions. For example, if he asks if the doctor will put an injection, tell the truth.

-Do not lie and do not accelerate promises you cannot keep. If your little one should receive vaccine, do not tell him “It will not hurt, I promise,” because when he will feel the pain of the needle he will feel betrayed, and you will lose your credibility with him. Be honest and tell him that it hurts a little and just one second.

-Purchase plastic doctor kit and play “doctor – patient “. Pretend you are listening to the heart and breathing of your child with a stethoscope, after examining his throat, eyes and teeth. That way the child will learn what happens in the doctor’s office. Let him use plastic medical instruments to inspect his favorite toys and other family members. “Doctor – patient” game will assure him that medical examinations are not so awesome.

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-Never use “bad doctor” to frighten your child. “Be calm or I will call the doctor“, “If you do not stop crying, I’ll take you to the doctor to put you injection” … sound familiar? To allay their children, mothers often use the “monsters” (uncle cop or bad doctor with injection), not realizing that it leads to the phobia in young children.

-Create a positive image for the medical practitioner. Expectations that the child has, largely determine the outcome. Turn your child’s expectations in a positive direction, talking about going to the doctor with the same excitement that you talk about going on vacation or in a zoo. Presenting the doctor as a friend who wants to help, not to hurt him, as a person who removes pain and heal people.

-Buy a picture book or watch a cartoon where the main character goes to a doctor. This would indicate the child that even his heroes go to the doctor and feel what he feels.

-Praise him for his courage. Positive words contribute the child to feel proud of his new “achievement”. Tell him you are proud of him and he was a true hero.