This New Twist of Faith Happened Twenty-Eight Minutes After The Childbirth

When we are little our grandparents always tell us stories that can guide us throughout life and will help us to become better person. Those stories were full with miracles, stories in which good defeats evil, something that modern children don’t learn that on the same way we did.


 Never lose faith

Robyn Syr is a mother from Halifax who witnessed a miracle the day when she had her childbirth. While Robyn was going to the hospital she thought that it will be just a regular childbirth but destiny had another plan for her. Robyn says that after the delivery she was very happy and couldn’t wait to hold her forth daughter in her arms but instead of that she saw her aunt coming closer to her and saying that her daughter was dead.

At first Robyn didn’t want to accept this news and waited patiently for twenty-five minutes, hoping that something will happen and her newborn will be alive again. But nothing happened, so Robyn reconciled with her destiny. The staff of the hospital took the baby out from the room but after few minutes something happened, something that has changed the course of the situation. One of the nurses came into the room so excited that she could barely speak. Few seconds later another nurse came into the room and told Robyn that her daughter started to breathe again.

This new twist of faith happened twenty-eight minutes after the childbirth and all the experts, including the surgeon of the hospital claimed that this was a miracle. Robyn says that previously the surgeon told her that there was nothing else that they could do, but after he turned around unexpectedly the baby started to breathe again.

Now the baby is successfully recovering from the critical situation. She now weighs four and a half kilos and was named Miracle because for her mother and for the others she was a real miracle.