This Baby Is Getting His First Bath From His Father. Heartwarming

 If you’ve had a baby then you know how precious every moment with the baby is, especially their first moments. From their first breath, you start observing his development, his first bath, first steps, first words…, and each of these moments’ brings as much joy as the next one.

This proud father is having his first bath with his child. There are many ways to bathe your child, you can use a small tub, making it mobile, comfortable, and almost impossible for the baby to submerge under water, or you can bathe him in your normal tub where you have easy access to the water. But this father did something different. He chooses co-bathing making it easy to control the baby while he is still in his bathroom and near the faucet. This method is also good for bonding with the baby because you are close to him and holding him in your arms during the whole process.

When you are doing something with your baby, it’s best to do what’s comfortable for you. Nature designed us for this task, if there is something in your system telling you that it is bad, then it’s nature telling you that this is not the right way.

Every first moment in a baby’s life is magical, and this video does not fail to capture that beauty, when you watch it I’m sure that it will bring a smile to your face, if not more.

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