Which Are The Things That No One Is Telling To The New Moms?

Being a mother is a magical experience. There are no words to describe how beautiful becoming a new mom is. But let be honest, we all know that parenting is the most difficult job in the world. There are some things that no one will prepare you for.

Are You A New Mom?

1. Coming home after the birth is scary.
While you are in the hospital, there is always someone who will help you with holding and bathing your baby, someone who will bring you a meal, to help you with the breastfeeding.. But when leave the hospital, you are left on your own. And that is the time when you will get scared, feel frustrated and anxious. You will need help.

new mom


2. Breastfeeding is not easy and not always comes naturally.

Everyone will assure you that there is nothing to be scared about. But, there are some problems about breastfeeding, you should be aware of: bleeding from the breasts, infections and not enough breast milk.

3. In the first weeks after the birth you will feel pain.
Probably you heard that the pains will stop right after you will see your baby, but it is not exactly like that. Some mothers need 2-3 weeks to fully recover and others need more than 2 months. However, that will be a bearable pain, because it brought you the most precious thing in the world.

4. In the first six months you will think that the divorce is inevitable.
The time that you will spend with your husband will be quick hugs in the hallway, there will be days when you two will exchange just a few sentences. Your lack of sleep will make you angry with no reason and you will think that your marriage is collapsing, but don’t worry it will survive.

5. Even if the baby sleeps during the night, you won’t.
The questions like “Is he hungry?” will keep you up all night. You will start to see in the dark just to convince yourself that your baby’s chest is moving up and down.

6. You will appreciate every minute of your free time.
You will become a super woman, and you will learn how in 5 minutes to take a shower, shave, dry and get dressed.