These Internet Bullies Laughed At Her, But Now She’s Laughing At Them!

We should never make fun of the way some one looks. How do we know that this isn’t the best that she could look? Do you think that she really likes looking like that? I mean some people, no matter how hard they work, they can’t get any slimmer. You shouldn’t give harsh comment on other’s people’s appearance, it can make them feel bad.

This was the case with eighteen-year-old Kristen Layne who posted photos on Facebook in which she was wearing her junior prom dress. Kristen did this because she was trying to sell the dress in order to get funds to buy herself a new dress for her senior prom. But unfortunately this photo came across two vicious men who started irrationally criticizing her about her weight and looks in the comment section of the photo.“ These two men were just saying some very hateful things, just telling me I was fat and that I wasn’t beautiful” said Kristen in the WSMV report and asked the bullies politely to stop.

Minutes later people rose up and started defending Kristen saying that she looked beautiful and that these two had no idea what they were talking about. This led to her starting a GoFundMe campaign which raised a lot more money than she expected, letting her buy the dress she always wanted. “I don’t know how to say thank you to people and to accept the compliments because it doesn’t happen a lot,” “Don’t let anyone break you down” were Kirsten’s inspiring words after all of this.

Good job people. This story shows that there are still good and kind people among us. Watch the video below and be sure to SHARE her story with the world.