The most touching wedding video ever – the groom is sharing a special moment with his mothe

Prepare your handkerchiefs before watching this video. It won’t leave you equanimous for sure.
As every bride shares a special moment with her father doing the first dance on her special day, so has this young groom decided to do with his mother who unfortunately was wheelchair bound.

Luke’s mother was suffering from ALS, an incurable disease, which impacts physical function and weakens the muscles, and resulted in placing her in a wheelchair. As it is important for every bride to start her wedding dance with her father it is so for the groom and his mother. Since she was not able to move around the dance floor, Luke decided to either way take his mother out on the dance floor and share a special moment that touched to all guests’ hearts. He got down on his knees in order to be able to dance cheek to cheek with his mother and started spinning her around while “Hero” by Mariah Carey was played in the back.

Even the bride couldn’t hold her tears back, and has mentioned later that this has been the most touchy and emotional moment she has ever witnessed. Many guests will agree with the same.

Even though, shortly afterwards she has passed away, Luke did an amazing thing not missing this once in a lifetime moment to dance with his mother before passing.

Check out this heartwarming video and witness the love.