Teacher of The Week – Threats Disruptive Class With Game of Thrones Spoilers

This awesome maths teacher needed another strategy for silencing her disruptive class, got bored from the classic mopping of floors and detention…

This teacher, from Belgium btw, threatened to reveal main event that happen in the third Game of Throne season.

She asked her students whether they watch this TV show, and most of them raised hands, to which she responded that she has read all the books, and if there is too much noise in the classroom, she will write the names of all those that will get killed on the board.

The students didn’t take this seriously, thought it was bluffing, but then the teacher really began writing the names on the board, they quickly got back to work and proceeded to work in silence.


This was all over the media, students were writing that their teacher is a genius. They know they have to be calm because season four is still on, she has a lot of ammo to fight them.

Having in mind this is a very popular drama, this could be considered as a welcome addition to UK rules and regulations.

Keeping a good atmosphere in class is a very big challenge, there are lots of measures for preventing it, such as community service activities, but this is a very creative and a fresh approach!