Symptoms You Will Have While You Are Pregnant

When you are pregnant your body is showing some changes. There are many symptoms that will announce your pregnancy. Some women experience early pregnancy after 6 weeks of the pregnancy, but some have symptoms earlier. A woman that is acutely tuned into her body will immediately notice that something is going on. There is no need to worry if you do not experience many or all of the pregnancy symptoms. Some women have little or no measurable change, and this does not mean that they have some risk or are less pregnant. As your pregnancy progresses, you will feel different symptoms or changes in your body. Some of the symptoms will be more pronounced and obvious. Even if you have had a baby before, you must know that every pregnancy is different, so be prepared for new different experience. The changes can be physical or emotional.

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Symptoms you will have while you are pregnant 02

Physical changes

-Increased blood flow to your vagina, vulva, cervix and uterus. This can happen in early pregnancy.

-Overwhelmed with hunger.

-Needing, or feeling to wee more often. This can also mean that you have a urinary tract infection or you have been drinking too much caffeine.

-Nausea in your stomach, which comes and goes during the day.

-Tender, heavy and sore breasts. Now your breast will be similar as they are when you have your period, but you will feel more uncomfortable, your nipples will be extra sensitive, and your areolas darker and larger.

-Light vaginal blood loss, that occurs when the newly fertilized ovum burrows into the wall of the uterus.

-Missing period, but some women continue to have a period even though they are pregnant, which is uncommon.

-Strange, acidic or metallic taste in the mouth.

-Headache and backache.

-Increased and acute sense of smell. Now smells can cause you to feel nauseated.

-You will dislike foods and drinks that used to be your favorite. -Fried or fatty foods, alcohol and coffee will make you feel physically sick, and if you are a smoker, you will develop an aversion to the cigarette smoke smell.

-Feeling overwhelming tiredness. This can get you to the point when you wonder how you will get through the day.

-In the ovulation days your temperature will rise.

Emotional changes

-You are probably going to feel different, like something has changed within yourself.

-You will be prone to emotional outbursts and a little teary.




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