How To Be Sure That Your Baby Is Sleeping Safely And Comfortably?

As a mother, you certainly keep asking yourself if your baby is comfortable while sleeping, whether it is sufficiently warm, can he breathe freely … Normally you spin all those questions, because you want your dearest to be safe and comfortable and can travel securely and safely into his world of sweet dreams.
If you follow these 10 simple rules, you can be sure that your baby will sleep peacefully, safely and comfortably.

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Do not lie down your baby on his stomach.

This position was recommended in the past, but now all the experts agree that you should put your baby to sleep on his back. In that way, you will reduce the risk of sudden death syndrome of the newborn (SIDS). The baby has no strength to move if placed on his stomach and can suffocate. If you leave your baby to sleep on his back, he can breathe freely. Once he reaches six months of age, the baby is ready to sleep in any position.

Choose a wooden cot.

This will reduce the likelihood of respiratory allergies.

The mattress should be firm and should perfectly fit the crib.

If the mattress is smaller than the crib, there will be an empty space between and your baby might fall in it.

Put it next to your bed.

In the first few weeks, you will be afraid to leave your baby alone, so you can put the crib or cradle next to your bed

Do not put too many pillows and blankets in the crib.

Babies can easily choke with pillows or bury under the blankets and not be able to release themselves.

While small, in the first three months, wrap the baby in blankets.

Therefore, he will feel like he is in his mother womb and will feel warm and safe.

Keep the room temperature equal to or lower than 19 ∞ C.

If it is too hot, it will increase the body temperature of the baby, and it can be harmful. Check the room temperature with a thermometer.

Do not smoke in the house.

Passive smoking is very harmful to the health of the newborn, because it may provoke respiratory problems overnight.

Keep the room dark.

Very small babies do not make much difference, whether the room is bright or dark and sleep regardless of light. However, as he grows up the light begins to become a problem. If you have trouble with your baby-sleeping, make sure he sleeps in a maximum dark room. Maybe the light is the reason for his sleepless nights.