Few Suggestions For The Best Gift For Expecting Mothers

It is that time of the year again ,Christmas is approaching  and you want to  make sure that your pregnant wife will feel special during the holidays. It’s still not too late. You still have time to demonstrate your love and consideration to her. Quick-advice: Getting something for the little one is a good idea too.


These are the best ideas according to us:

1. A new camera (or a even better a cell phone ):

If she is constantly taking pictures, it’s obvious that a new camera is a great idea for a holiday present. If she already has an SLR camera , a good point-and-shoot one is the way to go. If she is more of those women who forget the camera at home and take pictures with their mobile phones, then a new one with a better camera is a great option.

2. Some nice maternity clothes:

For a woman it is not so easy to give money on maternity clothes because they are going to wear them for a very short time. A nice big sweater or top is a great idea so that she can still wear it after her pregnancy is over. If you are unsure about the size get her a nice gift card, so you do not need to spend a lot of time guessing which one would fit.

3. Awesome sleepwear:

A comfortable robe is great for the period of her pregnancy and also when the baby comes and she’s nursing it (a good nightgown to go along is a great plus).This is also good for those  women who dislike the normal hospital gown.

4. Jewelry:

When we think of a gift for a woman the first thing we think of is indeed jewelry, but be mindful that it is something meaningful for her. Also a nicely written card to go along is a good way to win her heart. A thoughtful idea a necklace with the baby’s birthstone or something fun that shows your nickname for the child like a jellybean or a peanut.

5. Parental massage:

One of the best options for you. You wish for her to have relaxing holidays, schedule a massage (or a series of weekly or monthly massages) and make sure it is a good parental therapist. It is bonus to arrange transport from the spot and home. A happy and relaxed woman is good company to be with.

6. Body-pillow:

She will love sleeping in it. If she hasn’t got one of these, stop reading now, take out your credit card and go buy it this instant. Thrust us.

7. Socks (but not normal ones):

Expecting mothers are carrying the weight of not just themselves but the baby too  so they might be more clumsy when it comes to walking. Warm feet can help with that, so warm thermal socks are a nice idea. Warm and safe.

8. Awesome comfortable slippers:

As a substitute to the socks you can get her some sippers. These are also good if she is expecting to get the baby in a colder month. Get her ones with solid support if she is sometimes up at night going through the house.

9. Professional photos of your mother/Mothers:

This period may not be her most favorite for taking pictures of herself but she should. This moments are great memories later on and she will be glad she has them. So make a schedule with a photographer who has already taken a lot of pregnancy photos and whose style she likes. If you already have enough photos of this period than book him for when the baby comes. A picture of when she first holds him or her will be priceless.

10. Something from the time when she was a kid:

Do you have anything that can remind her of her young years. Wrap it and give it to her. This would be something great that she can add to her nursery and it can remind her of the things she used to do when she was small and look forward to doing them with her baby the following year.


Merry Christmas and happy new year from our whole team.