He Spent The Last 6 Months of His Life, Making His Bride Happy

Chris had about six month life, when he proposed to his wife and promised her that till the last day he will do everything to make her happy.

Chris has diagnosed cancer and the medical prognosis was far from optimistic. However, this does not stop him to spend the last days of his life with the person he loved the most.
They had the perfect wedding and after that Chris took his wife and her kids in Disneyland in Paris.


He spent the last 6 months of his life 05.03.2014 00


After they returned, Chris didn’t wait too long. He decided to take his bride to New York and to go shopping, he bought her whatever she wanted.
Then, for her birthday they went in Las Vegas, but unfortunately, it was the last thing he managed to do.
Chris died last month, and his wife said goodbye to him in the same church in which six months earlier they were married.
She said that they did everything they wanted. That he was very positive and that he never talked about death, he only wanted to make her and her children happy.
They knew each other since they were teenagers, but they started their relationship in January 2012.

Everything was fine, until April 2012 when Chris found out that he has esophageal cancer. After the operation, he was well again, until April 2013 when he was diagnosed with liver cancer and lung cancer. The doctors told him that there is no way out, but that chemotherapy may prolong his life.
If her love could save him, he will live forever. However, his illness forced him to live the moment, and taught her the same. He died in her arms, but she regrets nothing because they have spent the six months in the best possible way.