How To Solve The Problem With The Nighttime Urination Of Your Child

The nighttime urination is a problem not just for the child but also for the parent. This problem arouses embarrassment, annoyance and low self confidence for both of them. It is also known as nocturnal enuresis and is characterized with involuntary discharge of urine during sleep. It disappears with growth so there is no place for panic.

In scientists’ opinion, the complete control over wetting is developed at the age of 5-6. Doctors cannot discover the main reasons for this problem but think the reason has emotional character. The excessive stress caused from the divorce of the parents, the lost of close person, moving in new house, new brother or sister are some of the reasons that can have influence on the appearance of this problem. But there are several situations when you need to consult a doctor and they are the next: if your child continues to wet when is 6-7 years old, if he/she starts to wet after a few months or years of “dry” period, if wetting is followed by pain or there is blood in the urine, if the child snores while he/she is sleeping.


Nighttime Urination 01

 How To Solve The Problem With Urination


When parents try to solve this problem they use the tactic of punishment. Instead of doing this you can try to use these advises and help him/her to overcome this problem more easily.
First, encourage him/her to drink more liquids during the day and less during the night. Limit the quantity of jus and water that your child takes before he/she goes to bed. Around 80 per cents of liquids that your child needs to take should be given until 5 o’clock p.m. Also , you need to limit the caffeine in the nutrition and avoid giving him/her chocolate, some sorts of tea and soft drinks.
As well, you need to remind him to go to the toilet before his bedtime. This habit needs to be important for him/her on the same way as washing his/her teeth.

If your child is afraid of the dark and that fear is the reason why he/she is not going to the toilet you should put small table lamp in the hallway, on that way you will encourage him/her to get up from his bad and go to the toilet without being afraid from the dark.

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Children love to draw so you can use this in order to give him a sense of control over this problem. Make a calendar of success by drawing little squares for each day and let you child to draw some of his/her favorite symbols every time when he/she stays dry during his sleep. After he/she collects certain number of symbols give him/her an award.

Boost him/her to help you in the process of cleaning. On this way you will help him/her to increase the sense of responsibility and lower his/her sense of guilt because he/she will know that helped in cleaning the mess.
If you have a chance, buy an alarm which is designed especially for dealing with this problem. This alarm wakes the child up in the same second when the bed is wet and its usage is very useful. Also, you can protect the mattress by putting nylon slipcover between him and the sheet.
It is very important to explain your child that the problem which he/she has is momentary and that most of his friends have it but will disappear eventually. Sometimes your child will be mocked by his/her friends about his/her problem so you will need to do your best in order to minimize the embarrassment of your child.
In the end, you need to stay calm and never accuse your child about his problem. Instead, you need to explain him/her that it is not his/her fault that he/she has this problem and that the problems lays in his small urinary bladder or in the deep sleep.