The Inspirational Story of a Former Soldier

Millions of soldiers have died in the Avganistan and Iraq, millions have been wounded, but this is the story about the one that survived. This soldier is one of the five that have survived an amputation of all four limbs so far, after being wounded.

The tragedy that changed this man’s live forever struck on an ordinary day. He says that after being wounded by an IED and while lying on the field, the only thing on has mind was his little daughter back home and whether or not he was ever gonna see her again. Fortunately for this soldier the Medical Help had reacted quickly and did their best to stop him from bleeding to death. The doctors by his side finally managed to save his life, but at a rather terrible cost, 4 amputated limbs. Although stuck by a great tragedy this brave soldier didn’t just give up on everything, he had a family and was determined to keep trying looking up to them. Now although he has to work hard, he manages to carry out the simple everyday stuff, trying and working even harder the next day.

This is an inspirational video on how to never, ever give up on yourself or the people that care for you.