The Smell of a Baby is a Strong Incentive For Mothers

The latest study showed that everything that looked like a problem (crying, waking up in the middle of the night, loud noises, etc.) can be soothed by the smell of the baby.
Birth affects the female mind so that mothers will become more rational, careful and caring towards others.

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The smell of a baby is a strong incentive for mothers

The study showed that when scientists put clothes of the newborns in front of their mother, they have noticed significant changes in brain activity. On the other hand, women who are not mothers showed no significant change in brain activity after they felt the baby smell.
Based on that, the researchers came to the conclusion that the mothers after giving birth comes to major changes.

Being a mother, especially in the first weeks after birth, it is very stressful and some mothers find it difficult to cope with all the challenges. However, it seems that the smell of the baby is the perfect stimulus which affects the ability of mothers to cope with all the difficulties.”