Signs That Your Baby Is Hungry

Every mother wants to know when her baby is hungry and to be sure that its well fed and pleased.
Babies cannot express their hunger verbally, but that is why they give signs that will show that they need to be feed.

Mom I’m Hungry


Many parents think the baby shows that its hungry by crying, but crying is just one of the late signs. If
you rely on the babies cry to feed it, you will create problems with the nutrition and create stress both
for the baby and for yourself. When the baby cries, its tongue is above the upper palate, and that way it
cannot suck. Even if you manage to succeed into making it suck, that will be disorganized sucking, in
small quantities and probably fall asleep quickly, then wake up again hungry for a new feeding.
When the baby is upset, you better try to calm it down first, for example, you can place it at your bare
chest, make a skin to skin contact. When it is calmed down, you can feed it much more easily.
Signs that the baby is hungry

Early signs of hunger with the babies:
Mouth activity, licking of the mouth
Opening and closing the mouth
Tongue thrust