She’s Pregnant In Her 50’s, She’s Her Mother And That ‘s Not Even The Best Part…

This is not a typical story that you can see every day. I for one liked this beautiful sight of pure love and dedication in this video. Associated Press recorded Emily Jordan and what happened to her and her family after she was diagnosed with cancer and pregnancy, AT THE SAME TIME. Now she was forced to make the ultimate and toughest decision ever: Have the baby but lose her life afterwards from the disease, or have the necessary treatment and therapy knowing that this will make having the baby totally impossible. When she went for help with this decision to her mother Cindy Reutzel, something amazing happened. Her loving mother with her 50 years of age, decided to be her surrogate so that her daughter can cure herself and see her beautiful child.
This video show the true meaning of family and love. Don’t forget to watch it and share it with everyone. Have you heard anything more heartwarming? Tell us in the comments.