Seven Good Reasons For Breastfeeding

What is good for the child, it is also good for the mother. Respect the natural way of feeding a child. Breastfeeding the child is the best possible food you can give him in the first months of his life. Breastfeeding has a positive influence on the health of the mother, and she doesn’t need to spend unnecessary money on expensive baby food that cannot be compared with human breast milk.


Seven reasons why you should not abandon breastfeeding:

Reduce the risk of breast cancer

Women who breastfeed have lower risk of breast cancer as much as 25 percent. The more you breastfeed, the lower the risk of developing breast cancer becomes.

Reduce the risk of cancer of the uterus and the ovaries

During the period of lactation, estrogen levels are less than usual. It is believed that reducing the amount of estrogen affects the lining of the uterus and the breast tissue, reducing the risk of cancer in them.


Women who choose not to breastfeed have a four times greater risk of osteoporosis than women who are breastfeeding. In addition, nursing mothers have a lower risk of breaking the bones of the hips in menopause.

Time period between pregnancy

Breastfeeding prolonging ovulation, the longer the period of breastfeeding of the child, it is easier to provide the desired period between two pregnancies.

Emotional Health

Breastfeeding is not only good for the physical health of the mother, but also for the mental health. Studies show that breastfeeding significantly reduces postnatal depression and anxiety.

Reduce excess weight

According to many studies women who breastfed after delivery can cut excess weight and fat much faster and are easily returned to the weight they had before pregnancy.

Saves money is good

Breastfeeding can save money. No single food can be compared with the pure natural breast milk.