Which are the sentences that husbands are afraid of telling?

Are You afraid Of Something

1. Please sometimes take an initiative for sex.
Men love sex. And they hate when they are forced to beg for sex. On the other, hand the invitation for sex from his wife affect on them like an aphrodisiac.

2. I am afraid that I will not be a good father too.

Men want to show how strong people they are and that they are not afraid of anytnig. But parenthood is completely unfamiliar experience, so it is normal to be followed by fears. However, these fears will remain deep into your partner and will never reach your ear.afraid

3. I can’t read your mind, so please tell me why are you unhappy.
Men do not have a crystal ball that will tell them what is wrong with you, or why you are sad. They simply think that you are mature enough and you are waiting for the right moment to talk to them.

4. I often say SORRY to put an end to the conversation.
Women can argue for hours, even for trivial issues. That’s why men say ‘sorry’ to anything, just to shut up the wife and to calm the atmosphere.

5. I hate jokes on my account around my friends.
Men don’t want anyone to touch their ego. So everything you say about him, how he is not romantic or that he is like a little baby is funny to you, is not to him.

6. I don’t want to visit your parents every week.
Of course that you love your parents and want to spend time with them. But he would like his free time to be spent in front of the TV, or with his friends, or with you and the kids in the park.

7. Sometimes football is more important than talking to you.
Women love to talk. And they often start a conversation when her husband is watching football where his favorite team is playing. So if the conversation is about something important postponed it for later or it will end with “Is football more important than our conversation?”. In his head the answer will always be YES, no matter how hard he tries to convince you otherwise.

8. Yes, you look fat in those pants.
When a woman asks the question ” Do I look fat in… ? ” She did not expect the truth. Therefore, men always say what you want to hear.

9. I often pretend that I am interested.
Do not expect your husband to be interested in rumors from your work, or for sales, maybe he will nod, but he will not be listening any of what you are saying. In order not to offend you, he will act like he is attentive listener, but do not expect his involvement in the conversation.

10. I want more experiments in our sex.
Men avoid this because they are scared that they will offend their wife or offend her sexual confidence. So they decide to remain silent than to risk with their requirements.