How To Say ” I Still Love You” In Situations When You Are Upset By Your Child

All mothers have been faced with at least one situation where their child had very dramatic reaction for a fight they had. This is an article by Gretchen Schiller, a mother whose daughter is a natural-born for drama queen. In one quarrel that they had, Ana Lu told Gretchen that is the most vicious mother on the world and that she doesn’t love you. She was such a natural-born actor, making every quarrel full with drama just to make it clear to her mother how annoyed she was. Even though Ana Lu left the room all red in her face and making fists with her hands, her mother followed her into her room, got down on her knees and tried to calm down by putting her hand on Ana Lu’s back.

love you

I still love you, honey.

These are the first words that she uses every time when her daughter says to her that is a terrible mother. This pisses her off a lot because she herself knows that she is doing and giving her best just to raise her daughter. Sometimes she is so upset that she wants to stick her foot just to stomp off Ana Lu while she is leaving the room angrily.

But beside her desire to do that, she keeps to her reasonable solution to tell her daughter that she still loves her. Gretchen says that is very important for Ana Lu to know that she can always be real with her mother because she can take that. After she asks Ana Lu if she wants her to stay with her she sits on Ana Lu’s bed and starts to rub her back, feel how her small body starts to relax underneath her touch. Most of the times, after Gretchen sits with her for a minute, Ana Lu regains confidence that the love of her mother is unconditional and shows her that is ready to be alone. In the end, this is the sign that Gretchen was waiting because she also needed a time on her own.