Safe and Comfortable Sleep For Your Baby

Every mother wonder, does the baby is comfortable while sleeping, can he breathe freely, whether is cold or hot…
That’s why we are suggesting some rules for baby’s better sleeping.

For Safe Sleeping

1. Don’t lay your baby on the stomach.
The experts say that babies should sleep on their back, to decrease the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The baby receives, no force of moving when is set on the stomach and he can choke, but if it is on the back he can breath freely.
When the baby reaches six months age, can sleep in any position.


2. The crib should have bars until baby turns 2 years.
If your crib does have bar, make sure that the space between the bars is small enough. The space shouldn’t be more than 6cm. Also choose a wooden crib, it will decrease the risk of respiratory allergies.


3. The mattress should be firm and well suited to the crib.

If the mattress is smaller, there will be empty spaces in the crib where your baby can fall.

4. Keep the room dark.
When the babies are very small does not make a difference whether the room is dark or light. But when they start to grow up the light becomes a problem. So if you have problems with your baby not sleeping make sure that the room where your baby sleep is dark enough.

5. Keep the room temperature equal to or lower than 19 ° C.
If it is too hot it will increase the body temperature of the baby and that can be harmful.