Rich Childhood For Little Money!

Those of us born in the 80s and 90s have grown up in a period of hard economic conditions. No matter how hard our parents worked, they couldn’t get to an income that would enable a satisfaction of some luxury needs.

Lots of us didn’t go on summers near water, few of us know what a winter vacation really looks like, a car or a motorcycle as a gift for a prom was impossible, we didn’t even have expensive toys where we simulate the real life. Still, there are lots of things we would gladly remember from our childhood to the end of our lives!


 Childhood Fun

Most parents think that they do not make good parents by not being able to afford expensive toys for their kids, expensive clothes or travels. Of course, that’s not true. Even though toys and travels are good and would be fun for the kids, their happiness can be achieved by things that cost lot less or are practically free. The beauty of life is in the contact with other people.

The best memories that stick in a man’s head are those connected to experiences in a certain company, not by objects. From here, the right psychical and spiritual development of a child is not accomplished by gifts, but with the right contact and communication with the child. It is free, and is a lot more important than all those objects that are bought with money.

Of course, it is essential to have enough income to please the basic needs of children such as food, clothes and education, but according to the psychologist Katie Sifert, there are other things every parent should apply with a goal to enrich the childhood of his kid.

Let the children play

Most parents are either a lot restrictive when it comes to playtime or they leave the kid in front of the computer all day to do what it pleases. Expensive toys are not essential for a happy childhood. A child’s fantasy can be so powerful and rich, it can play with whatever it finds in the home. Moreover, the child will have beautiful memories from socializing with its peers, something that cannot be accomplished by playing on the computer or if it’s been summoned home because it was “too long outside”.

Get to know the environment – Show him different plants, take him to the zoo to meet the animals, let him see the different forms of buildings around him, take him to the park, museum, sports tournament… He will definitely get to know the environment.

Read to your child – 15-20 minutes of reading before the night’s sleep is fun and will enrich its vocabulary and the fantasy.