Reasons Why Babies Cry & Responses How to Comfort Them

All babies cry because that is the only way they can communicate with us and tell us they need something.

Here are some reasons to help you understand why your baby cries.

1. Hunger.
Hunger is the most common reason why babies cry. The baby should be fed on every 4 hours.

Baby diapers

2. He is not comfortable.
The babies are very sensitive if their clothes are tight or when their diapers are wet. Some babies don’t mind if they are in “full” diapers, because they keep them warm. But some babies can’t bear a wet diaper, especially if they have irritated skin. Checking and changing the diapers regularly can stop the baby crying.

Here are some reasons to help you understand why your baby cries.Reasons why babies cry 00

3. He needs to be in your hands.
If you already fed and changed his diapers he wants to be close to you. The babies often need physical contact to feel safe and comfortable.


4. Tiredness.

While they are very small they have to sleep every four hours. Even if they don’t look tired took your baby in quite and peaceful room and he will fall asleep. Otherwise, he might start crying and it will be difficult for you to calm him down.

5. Colic.
If your baby cries all the time for no reason, at least 3 hours a day, for 3 days a week it means that he has colic. Colics’symptoms are: hard crying, reddened face and he wrapped his legs towards his stomach. There is no cure for this phenomenon and usually does not last more than 3 months.