Real love is something that stays forever.

No matter if people in one way or another get separated their love still exists. It’s like a sparkle flowing in the air they breath.
The love between this duo is a perfect example. Even though they had met some awful and difficult moments, it has survived all of the obstacles and remained on the throne as a strength that keeps them both moving.

The boy has been a part in an awful destiny plan. Something that tried to keep the couple apart.
Taylor Morris joined the Afghanistan team at the age of 23 as a naval officer. But, it was after a while on 3rd May 2012, by some quirk of fate, he accidentally stomped on an explosive device and literally got thrown into the air.

Everyone thought that he wouldn’t even survive this all. Or if he survives the fall, he would be overwhelmed by the strong pains. But even though he has lost both his legs and hands as a result to this, this guy managed to stay alive. Something has kept him trying and fighting to stay alive.

Everything changed from that day on, despite for one thing. And it was the love that he and his girlfriend had towards one another. It was this very same love that managed to push him forwards, to be able to sustain the whole healing procedure. Standing right by his side his girlfriend was offering him comfort and love the whole time, Taylor managed to recover completely. After years of practice, he might be able to get plastic legs and hands that will help him do something on his own without a constant help.

After suffering this tragedy, this couple’s love has grown to be even stronger and these two have recorded it with a marriage and a baby boy.
Check out these photos and witness the purity and greatness of love. It is one unique magic, or a force that keeps the world moving.