Pregnant And Want Healthy Snacks? Here Are 10 Healthy Ones To Keep Your Cravings Satisfied

We laugh at the phrase – YOU ARE EATING FOR TWO! Well we do and we want to eat eat eat! But we know it’s important to stay healthy, for us and our precious, get our daily nutrition and energy high. And we know its not an excuse to enjoy as much of those tasty snacks as we can because the baby isn’t going to just consume all those calories! So we need a safe option, some healthy snacks to keep our cravings satisfied.

 Now what to choose? It’s really up to your taste. If you have the morning sickness, heavy snacks should be avoided. But if you have overcome that stage, feel like you are low on energy, you will reach for something heavier. And for those that have to deal with diabetes, will want to talk to their nutritionist to see which snacks suit best. Go through these healthy snack ideas that work best for pregnant women. And before you start scrolling down, have in mind that water is always most important! If you feel like you could eat some more after the snack, have a glass of water instead. Lets start:

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Pregnant Fruit Smoothie and healthy snacks:

If you don’t have a blender, stop everything you are doing and run to the store to get one! This is a lifesaver for eternity. Just throw your favorite fruits into the blender and make your smoothie. Combine it with juice, water, ice… Have in mind that bananas make it thicker. hire is some healthy snacks.

Half Turkey Sandwich: It is half but will keep you full until the next meal. Use a whole grain bread, cut it in half, add some sliced turkey, cheese only if you prefer, and some mustard (always the healthier choice) or light mayonnaise. This combo of whole grain and proteins is one of my favorites.

Pita & Hummus: Blessed are those that made the hummus. Get some whole grain pita bread, some chopped tomatoes and you have a wonderful snack! If you like spicy food, you can add some roasted red peppers.

Nutrition bar: Healthy meals always have advantages for getting the daily nutrition, and nutri bars are awesome snacks for to go. And the choice of flavoring is all yours.

Whole-fruit Popsicles: The title says it all. Avoid the ones made from juice, make yourself one from whole fruits. Super easy and super tasty, and most importantly, it keeps you feeling full. The best summer option.

Mini Muffins: Where should I even start with the muffins? So many different combinations! They are the perfect mini meal for pregnant women. All you need is a tin for mini muffins, and go make yourself your favorite one!

Healthy cookies: Yes you read it, healthy cookies. There are lots to choose made especially for pregnant women, waiting for you in the supermarket racks, such as Bumpboosters Pregnancy Cookies!  You can also make them yourself, remember to use whole grain flour, cocoa instead of milk chocolate, and other ingredients that match your taste.

Peanut butter & apples: Mmmm apples and peanut butter, want it now! Of course if apples aren’t your preferred fruits, you can get some bananas, or celery stalks. Spread it over them and begin your afternoon snack.

Cereal snack mix: This works the best for morning sickness moms to be. And you don’t need the milk, just mix your favorite cereals, you can add some dry fruits and put them in a bag, all day chips replacement.

Mother to be Tea: Tea is always the choise when you are too sick. Pepermint tea is all known for stomach ache so look into.Yogi’s Mother to Be Tea which has peppermint and other to calm your stomach, including the rawsberry which gives it super yum flavor.

Enrich the snack database by commenting which were your healthy pregnancy snacks. Thanks!