Your Pregnancy: 6th Week

This week, major changes are happening: nose, mouth and ears of so who many will rejoice in the future, starting to receive the form. Of you could take a look inside your uterus, you would have seen a big head and dark spots is which the baby eyes and nostrils begin to form. The ears are in the initial stage, and the hands and feet start to notice too.

Your pregnancy 6th 00



weeks pregnant

You may already are experiencing major mood swings – one day you’re happy, and the next one the mood is changing . Whatever you do not like this, everything that you went through is completely normal . Such emotions are caused by hormonal changes. But aside hormones, your life will change in a serious way – and who would not feel emotionally because of that fact ?

Drops of blood or bleeding is common in early pregnancy , which occurs in nearly a quarter of pregnant women.

It may occur in normal pregnancy , but sometimes can be a sign of miscarriage. If you have any bleeding, consult your health care provider.

Surprising Facts: Is it possible to carry twins?

Of course carrying twins often thought to be hereditary in the family, but the fact is that every woman can become pregnant with more than one baby. Are you one of them?
Factors that affect the chances to carry twins …
* Identical twins are hereditary , if your family already has twins or you’re a twin , then it is very likely that you will carry twins .
* The older you are , the bigger the more chances are for you to have identical twins. Hormonal changes in elderly women are the most common cause of this .
* Twins are often carried by big and tall women than smaller , low women .




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