Pregnancy 3-8 Week serial

Week 3/8


This is the week when pregnancy really begins.

The mature egg leaves the ovary and fallopian tube and goes in where it can survive 24 hours. Usually within 12 hours the fertilization commences. If it does not come to egg fertilization the egg dies and is disposed off out of the body during the next cycle. When the egg enters the fallopian tube, sperm may be already there. The average ejaculation has about 200-300 million spermatozoids but only 200 of them may succeed in getting to the egg. After 20 hours of the sperm entering into the egg it comes to the male and female chromosomes joining. Twelve hours later the first cell division starts. The fertilized egg cell divides every 12 hours and the fallopian tube is moving towards the uterus. Three days after fertilization, the egg which is now called a blastocyst comes to the uterus where it circles for three days and eventually attaches to the wall of the uterus. The wall of the uterus begins to deepen, the cervix extends to prevent entering of bacteria or other sperm, and the muscle of the uterus becomes softer.

Fatigue and irritability dominate in your mood these days. Your body accepts the baby, hormones begin to temper. You can feel that something is going on with your body, you are anxious, irritable and need sleep. Your husband will also notice this.

What should I do?

Am I pregnant? There are several tests for the early detection of pregnancy and confirming pregnancy just a few days after conception.

Calculate the day of delivery. Add the number 7 to the date of the first day of your last menstrual period and you will get the delivery date. From the month in which was your last menstruation subtract the number 3 and get the month of delivery. Never accept the date of birth with 100% confidence . It rarely has such precision.

Make sure you have health insurance.

Week 4/8

The embryo is 1 millimeter. In this week significant changes happen.

The cells of the blastocyct will develop a bed. The embryo will start getting food through your blood. If you have any hereditary diseases at the end of this week they will appear on your embryo. Maybe your menstrual cycle is delayed already. You can indicate pregnancy trough the following symptoms: sensitive breasts, nausea, mood changes, sleepiness and frequent urination. The scale will not show changes in this early pregnancy, but fatigue will follow you in all activities. You may feel mild cramps similar to menstrual cramps in the stomach that occur as a consequence of the increase of the uterus. You will become sensitive to scents, and you will also secrete more saliva.

What should I do?

Select a gynecologist who will lead the pregnancy

Please check blood counts. Folic acid (vitamin B) and iron are the most important materials for the proper development of your baby. If you’ve used anti-baby pills before your pregnancy folic acid deficiency can occur in your body.

The first quarter is the most important for the development of your baby. Therefore, eat the best quality food, stop smoking and drinking, visit the dentist and if necessary do an examination of your whole body.

Week 5/8

The embryo is still not bigger than 1 millimeter. It still does not look like a human being.

The cells of the embryo begin to fall into three different layers. In the inner layer (endoderm) the respiratory and digestive systems will form. In the middle layer (mesoderm) bones, muscles, cartilage, kidneys, sex organs and the blood system forms. On the outer layer (exoderm) skin, hair and the nervous system will develop.

What should I do?

Pay attention to the quality of the water you drink. If you cannot afford bottled water then let the water from the tap to run a few minutes before you put it in a cup. Lead which can be found in the water affects the development of your baby.

Week 6/8

The embryo is about 2-4 mm big. The size of the embryo is measured from the crown of the head to the bottom. This is a very important week for the development of the fetus. We see the beginnings of the head and spine. The heart starts beating. The beginnings of the hands and feet are different, the vestigial eyes are located on the sides of the head. The embryo is very sensitive to drugs, viruses, bacteria and various drugs that can reach him through the placenta. Many of the anomalies of the fetus occur precisely in this period (from 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy). You are pregnant a month now, but it is not visible. Perhaps you gained in weight, but women in this period, due to vomiting, usually lose some weight too.

What should I do?

If you feel bad in the morning, do not take vitamins with lemonade or orange juice.

Sicknesses occur suddenly in a short duration and often when you feel hungry. Therefore carry some snacks or water with you. So you can at least immediately satisfy your needs and to reduce the unpleasant feeling that you will have in your stomach often these days.

Week 7/8

During this week, the size of the embryo will grow more than double its size, so at the end of the next week it will be 11 or 13 mm high. The embryo can already be seen using ultrasound device. The eyes are becoming more pronounced and the “tail” is becoming smaller. The head is still more shown than many other parts growing during these seven days. The heart gets two chambers, and bronchial channels develop in the lungs. The hands look like small blades. The legs are still undefined, but at the end of this week the feet appear. Hands grow faster than the legs. Your stomach still reveals nothing. Morning sickness is reduced and will gradually fade. You start to feel like before. The sleepiness slowly disappears.

What should i do?

Your menstruation is delayed for three weeks now, so you should see a gynecologist.

Learn more about the social, medical care and assistance entitlements. Think and get informed about the use of sick leave if you are employed.

Week 8

The embryo has 14 mm. The head gets round. The embryo begins to resemble a human being. The eyelids form. The ears also develop. Fingers are seen, and the legs will be established in the ninth week. Although the shoulders are still not great and recognizable the elbows are already formed. You are beginning to recognize the spine, ribs, muscle and skin layers forming. Your uterus is now the size of a grapefruit . With the advance of the pregnancy you will feel cramps, pain and tension in the abdomen. If there are strong cramps and bleeding immediately go to a check-up. Breasts will be sensitive and “Heavy” , and nipples become darker.

What should I do?

Keep track of every visit to your gynecologist. Record all instructions and test results that you’ve ever done. Keep a diary of pregnancy.

Remember to sleep now you need that the most!