The Nursing Procedure After a C-section

After the mother gives birth, it’s normal to start feeding the baby. Because the mother’s milk contains all of the healthy ingredients for its little organism. But, when a mother gives birth with a c-section, this planned routine might face with several difficulties at the beginning. The mother will be weak and won’t be able to even hold her baby. Some of the positions of nursing like cradle will be out of the question. But, that’s why the football hold or the lying nursing will be a bull’s eye for this spot. The female parent should get a help in the hospital in order to be able to feed the child, because she will be still under the outcome of the anestethic and won’t be capable to manage it solo.

 Nursing Tips


Since the mother will receive pain killers for the pain to tranquillize after the c-section, some of its substance may travel to the baby’s organism, and because of this it may feel a bit sleepy, but they will be beneficial for you and will make you feel more relaxed and able to stimulate the breast milk.
No matter if in the hospital or at home, the mother should have a helping hand in the first couple of weeks till her wound heals. Regardless, it’s the grandmother or the husband, a midwife or a nurse there should be a constant help around the new mother, since she’ll neither be capable to practice the nursing on her own, nor to take care of the older kids at the same time (or to pick up some things around the house).

As for the mothers, you should not forget to feed well. The pills and breastfeeding may suck the life out of you. That’s why you must be well fed, and consume healthy food which will restore your energy back again, so that you’re able to satisfy your child’s needs and feed it every two to three hours.