None Of The Diets He Tried Worked On Him. However When He Tried THIS, Worked Like A Charm

Anthony has been struggling with his weight even from his childhood and through his teen years. He was 200 pounds in 2009, and on his 17th birthday he could be weighted as not less than 215 pounds, where he was the heaviest he had ever been.
He wanted to lose weight, but after trying every diet he could find, he saw that none of them worked on him. However, in the summer between his first year and second year in high school, he tried one last hopeful diet, and this one worked like a charm. This time he was fully committed, to hard work, lifting weights and sticking to the healthy and nutritious diet, and after 4 months, his hard work had paid off, and he had lost a whopping 40 pounds. This just makes you feel good on the inside. Bravo Anthony!!
When he finished the diet he had already lost 80 lbs. “I had motivation and I proved everyone who doubted me wrong. SO CAN YOU… I didn’t use any gimmick or cheat in any way, I did it all through changing my diet and lifting weights” says Anthony.
Till this day he continues, with his heathy life and training. This video posted by him has more than 10 million views. It has been an inspiration to all sorts of people around the world to begin their diet and stick to it, showing them that if he can do it so can they.
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