New Revelations In The Fight Against Sterility

Getting pregnant is not always easy for every couple. There are lots of couples that spend years on treatments for getting pregnant, so with every passing year scientists are doing experiments in order to find new treatments and medicines that will make these couples’ life happier and fulfill their wish for forming a family. In addition are given the five latest revelation of the year connected with fertility.


Fight against sterility

1.The transplantation of an ovarian tissue leads to a viable pregnancy. Ten years ago one woman from Australia who had had cancer on her ovarian was needed to have a surgery in order to have her ovarian removed. Her doctors told that she won’t be able to get pregnant after the surgery but thankfully to the ingenuity of some amazing doctors who saved and frozen tissues from her ovarian she got pregnant after the surgery.

2.Giving embryos on adoption. More and more couples want to share their embryos with other couples who are fighting with sterility. When these embryos are embedded in other sterile women they can develop in healthy fetuses and later in healthy babies.

3.Phasing out the donors of ovum. This is a result of the improvement of the technology which gives doctors to increase the ability of women to produce their own healthy and mature cells.

4.Cheaper fertility treatment with dual success rate. These new treatments are costing half the price of the traditional treatments, have effective result to women at the age of 35 and younger and dual efficiency to women who are forty years old.

5.Your fertility period is longer than it has been previously thought. The average and healthy women have more time to get pregnant then earlier. New statistics show that women who are at the age from 30 until 40 and have sex in their fertile days have only six per cent smaller chances to get pregnant within one year against women who are at the age from 20 until 34.