The Napkin Notes of a Dying Dad To His Daughter, My Eyes Are Full With Tears…

The father of Emma, 14 year old girl, has been diagnosed three times with cancer – once it was prostate cancer and twice was kidney cancer. He was recently told that he was now high risk by his doctor, and he didn’t quite understand what that meant. His doctor told him that he is going to die.

Garth Callaghan, stunned by those words, took an extraordinary step to build and sustain his very important family tradition until the end.


What was this family tradition? He slipped napkin notes into his daughter’s lunch box ever since she was in kindergarten. He wrote some words of wisdom, quote that inspired her, personal story, or just a simple pick me up words that girls need from their dads.



So Garth wrote around 800 napkin notes for his beloved Emma! He made sure that she would never eat lunch without these notes! He calculated the days until her last day of high school senior year and wrote the notes, if he does not make it that far. So by now he has completed around 740 notes and here is the awesomely large collection of napkins!