Mother’s Never Expected This Happen on Beach

This expecting mother decided to visit the beach and uncover her belly.

And her friend decided to tape the reaction of the baby regarding this decision.
Check out the below given video and the baby’s reaction, kicking and playing inside of the mum’s womb. It must have felt the warm sun rays through the mother’s skin and liked it a lot. Or maybe it disliked the heat and was rebelling from the inside, the only way possible by kicking and moving around. Who knows!

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Anyways, this is one wonderful and heartwarming video. When posted on You Tube it got some negative comments on why is this mother exposing the fetus to the sun. But still, the sun is really good and essential for the mother and the child, because of vitamin D. Everything is good during the pregnancy period as long as it’s in small amounts. (Yet, a greater explosion to sun can lead to dehydration and this can limit the amount of Oxygen and nutrients the baby is talking in). But, I don’t doubt it that this mother has considered all facts before heading to the beach.(continue on next page)

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