Mother Shares A Photo Of Her Child On The Internet… What Happens Next? Really Sad…

I think that almost every proud mother post a photo of their baby on Facebook at least once if not more, because she wants to share the joy she feels with the whole world. However, when Kyra decided to post a photo of her loving baby girl Mariah, something awful happened.

See, Mariah has Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome, because of this she has problems with learning and movement. Her prognoses are not good and sadly, she is not expected to live long. To make it worse, this photo became victim to hateful comments and internet bullying. People started sharing the photo, and making fun of the child. They even made memes out of it. A meme is a picture (often changed and edited) with a funny caption on it, this is very popular and widely spread across the internet. But it’s not meant for this sort of hateful torment.

Kyra is now stating how painful internet-bullying is and is calling to everyone to stop doing this, not only to her daughter but to everyone. The saddest thing is, she is forced to say “She’s not a monster,” “She’s a human being” and a mother should never have to say those words.

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