Which Mistakes Make Women in Marriage?

These are things that will need to do in your marriage

For every woman’s status changed from “in a relationship” to “married” is a challenge. While some are doing it right, others come from one mistake to another and fail to build a healthy and happy marriage.

Here are some mistakes that women do when they get married:

1. They abandon their own ‘I’
Adults are autonomous individuals with strong opinions and views of the world. Some women have refuted this claim as soon as she uttered the words ” Yes”. They throw everything in the water and easy obedience to their husbands. Functioning on the principle ” Everything for him “, they lose the status of an equal partner in marriage and become puppets.


2. They try to split chores fifty-fifty with their husband
“In every modern family, husband equally participates in housework” – some women take this saying for granted and often, even artificial, they try to separate the half chores with his partner. Like: ” I made lunch, now you wash the dishes ” or ” I picked up the children from school, tomorrow is your turn ” – this “game ” of writing points and leveling efforts is often exhausting, and often the result of it, is negative.

3. They put the sex in the last place
Many women have a headache at night, are unwilling or simply tired 360 days a year. But only when it comes to sex. For them sex is not on the list of priorities. No matter what their excuse is: the kids, the bills, everyday stress, housework, to the man almost never sound logical. Men love sex. For them it is a way to connect emotionally with their partner and without it the intimacy of marriage is lost, which is not far from the truth.

4. They forget about their external look
The external appearance may not be crucial in marriage, but the fact is that it is very important. Unfortunately, many women mistakenly believe in the popular sayings “My husband does not care about my appearance”, “My husband loves me no matter what I look like”, etc. This is not about love, but attraction. If your husband does not feel attraction towards you, you might hurt your sex life, and thus your harmonious relationship.

5. They always complain
You probably know at least a few women whose main preoccupation are mourning. But the self-pity syndrome usually causes resentment among men and has a negative effect.

6. They use the silence as an ally
One of the mistakes that women make is that the saying “silence is golden” they take literally. The truth is that when a female ally is silence, the problems never found its solution.

7. Do not know how to stop talking and listen
The fact is that women talk more than men. But some women speak uninterrupted. For them there are no rules of fair conversations. They open, long closed topics, blame, use offensive words. Their mouth is like an express machine and nothing can stop them. Do not know how to pause and listen, and never give their partner the opportunity to come to the word, and unresolved problems just pile up and leave black holes in marital relations.

8. They fight like a bear just to prove that they are always right
There is no person who is always right. But often in the representatives of the gentler sex appears syndrome “I know everything”. Women who suffer from this “disease” strive at all costs to say the last word, not realizing that by doing that, they win at short run, but lose in the long run.

9. They delete the word “sorry” from their vocabulary
Women are not flawless, but often act like they are. For many representatives of the gentler sex ‘Sorry’ is the hardest word, because its pronunciation would be to recognize that they were not right and it will disrupt their pride. The fact is that we all make mistakes, but not all have the courage to admit them and apologize.