Medical Phenomenon! Baby Was Born Without Blood in its Body

The baby lost about 80 % of the blood while she was still in the womb of her mother. The doctors do not know what led to it.

The day when the little girl was born, she was pale like a ghost. When the doctors try to take blood from her body, they only pulled out a few drops, because the girl did not have blood.

Medical Phenomenon! Baby was born without blood in its body 02

Because of her hard crying, the doctors brought the girl to her parent. The father says that he knew something was wrong, when the doctor tried to poke her foot with a needle, and there was no blood.The doctors say that she probably lost 80% of her blood few hours before she was born. After the birth with cesarean section, the only hope for the baby to survive was a blood transfusion.

The girl’s mother says that her pregnancy was normal. Her baby kicked her stomach approximately 10 times every half hour. But three weeks before the birth term the baby stopped with the kicks. She said to the doctors that she feels that something is wrong.

The baby survived fetal bleeding while she was still in the womb of her mother. The only recorded case like this, where the baby survived the same situation was in 2012 in the UK. In that case also, the mother noticed that the baby stopped kicking. The small blood loss in newborns occurs in 98 % of pregnant women.

The doctors do not know what causes the loss of blood. Sometimes it can be a trauma that the mother experienced while she is carrying the baby, sometimes it comes to a spontaneous event and sometimes if the mother is involved in a car accident during pregnancy.
The mother in this case recommend you to visit a doctor and to check your pregnancy regularly because your baby’s life may depend on it.