Do Not Make These Mistakes With Your Newborns!!

If this is your first baby, probably everyone will tell you what you have or what you don’t have to do and you will get confused. That’s why we are offering a few solutions for the most common mistakes that parents do.

Newborn care:

1. Don’t leave your baby to sleep all through the night.
Parents need to wake their babies up every 4 hours to eat, because there is a risk of dehydration. You have to make sure that your baby is well fed.
Also, if your baby sleep during the day, do not worry about the noises and the lighting, because he needs to adapt to the normal noises from the house or the street.


Do not make these mistakes with your newborns 01
2. Don’t leave your child sleep on the tummy or on his side.
Experts say that the babies should sleep on their back to reduce the risk of sudden death syndrome of the newborn.

3. Carrying your baby in crowded places.
You are putting your baby at risk of getting bacterial infection that can be life threatening, or catching virus which can cause a fever and that can mean staying in hospital for at least two days.

Do not make these mistakes with your newborns 00

4. Keeping your baby at home all the time.
Going out where there are a lot of people is bad, but sitting home all the time is also bad. Find a balance. Take your baby on short walks where there are not so many people.