Listening From Youtube Music While Cleaning?Babies Remember The Music They Listened To While They Were In Their Mother’s Belly

Scientists suggest the future mothers to listen to music from youtube music which they enjoy because that is good for her unborn baby and his/her central nerve system evolution.
The neuroscientist Eino Partanen, participant in one Finnish study, says that there is a probability for the baby to recognize the melodies that his mother listened to during her pregnancy and the singing of those melodies will be very useful when she wants to calm him/her down.

Youtube Music

Why Listen Music When I’m Pregnant?

In this study the Finnish scientists gave twelve CD’s to twelve pregnant women and ask them to play that CD loudly for five times during the week in the last three months of their pregnancy. They were asked to destroy the CD after their childbirth just to be sure that the memory of the songs comes from the pregnancy. Briefly after the childbirth, the researchers played some songs from the CD to the babies and measured their brain waves. In the first group of babies, one in each eight tones was changed. And the second group of babies wasn’t exposed on the songs while they were in their mother’s belly. The records of the brain waves showed that the brain activity of the babies was increased when they would listen the familiar tones. The more the mother has listened a song during her pregnancy, the more the baby would recognize it.

Previous studies showed that babies remember words from the period of their mothers’ pregnancy, so they can recognize the words from the favorite soap operas. This study shows that the memory of the songs lasts, for at least, in the first four months from their life. Researchers say that the exposure on music is very critical for the development of the babies’ brain, but also the results show that babies are capable to study from an early age and the effect from the studying stays in the brain for a long time.
Yet, scientists warn that putting loud headphones on the bally of a pregnant woman will cause more damage than benefit and also that doesn’t mean that the baby will be will be above average intelligent.