Judgements Set Towards The Parents

Everyone believes that being a parent is so easy and start judging the parents that they make very common errors when it comes to bringing up the children. In fact, the ones who judge hasn’t even experienced the parenthood yet. This fact makes them bad judges and valuers.


The parenthood comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Every parent tries to be the best one for its child. Some make mistakes while doing it, but that comes with this job as well. No one can be perfect at everything. In order to make all things right, someone might get something wrong, but nothing is such a big deal to inspire people to start judging their work or taking care of the kids. They are not the ones that come and take charge of the kids after all. The parents are the ones that are beside the kids every time, and attempt to make things right.

Some of the common gossiped things about your task as a parent is the co-sleeping. Some get this so outraging. But the kid is the one that chooses where to sleep at the end. You can’t throw away of bed your own kid if it comes to bed with you. Or the fact that most babies use a pacifier till their later age. Every parent tries to wean off its kid of the habit of using a pacifier as early as possible. But if you have a trouble kid that doesn’t want this then you have to be patient, and wait till the proper moment arrives. It’s not healthy for the teeth as well. But the parents are doing their best, it’s not that they don’t give a damn about their kids and try to shut them up with the pacifier.

People judge the fact that most mothers are working too. But, if you think about it better, how is she supposed to support the kid?

Kids bring a bunch of responsibilities with them, and without the proper wage nothing will be possible to obtain. Many mothers because they don’t have the time to cook, buy junk food for the kids. But that’s not the only reason. How should you say no to your child. There’s no way to withstand your kid. Likewise, when it gets to the playstation games, or exposure to a PC, or too much on TV. Everyone supposes that there’s no way they’ll allow their kid do that. It won’t find out about technology till the age of 10. Simply, things go totally different when the kid is here, and sits at the PC playing games and is still at age 4, and you sit by its side and give instructions on how to run it.

When you watch the other mothers you think of how did they become so fat. Everyone can gain weight and by a proper diet and exercise get back to the same size she was before. But after you go through this you realize that whatever you do, if your body doesn’t want to shrink back it won’t. There’s just nothing you can do about it.

And most of all, no parent can have a full control of its child. After all the kids are the ones making the rules, and you all must play by them. So, don’t worry, nor take heed to the things people say around. Probably they still haven’t experienced this act of parenthood. After they experience it, they’ll know how they were wrong about everything.