The Indescribable Moment When a Deaf Baby For The Fist Time Hears The Voice of His Mother

Dylan is a boy who was born 11 weeks before the regular term and fought the dangerous infection for 101 days. He had 15 brain surgery to be cured from hydrocephalus, which occurred while he fought the infection.

The indescribable moment when a deaf baby for the fist time hears the voice of his mother 00
Tiny Dylan now has 1 year and 10 months, he was born deaf, and the moment of first time hearing the voice of his mother, recorded by her, will touch you.
The child is thrilled and surprised when he first heard the voice of his mother. Dylan was conceived thanks to an anonymous donor sperm, but her mother had a problematic pregnancy that ended with premature birth.

He is born on Valentine’s Day, and after numerous operations and treatments of infection, for two months he uses the hearing aid and shows pleasure of hearing voices and sounds. He likes to listen to music and play. Maybe it is hidden musical talent that yet has to be developed.

Look at his reaction when he first hears the voice of his mother: