Why is it Important to Exist a Strong Father – Daughter Relationship?

The importance of the participation of the fathers in the growth and education of children is often neglected. We are inclined to believe that it is not necessarily fathers to maintain effective communication and to be involved in the growth and development of their daughters, that is expected from the mothers. But this thinking is far from reality. The father – daughter relationship is essential in almost all spheres of the life of their daughters.

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1. Self-confidence
Healthy, harmonious relationship with the fathers help young girls from small feet to build a good image of their self and everything they do, to do it filled with confidence.

2. Education
The strong father-daughter relationship increases the chances, the daughters to enroll and complete college, and also affects positively on the success they achieved in this area of life. Girls that foster good relationships with their fathers have better grades.

3. Puberty
The girls who live in harmony with their parents and maintain a healthy relationship with their father, enter puberty later than girls with disturbed relationships with their fathers.

4. First sex

The experts say that the more a girl gets attention and love from her father, the less she will use her sexuality to attract the attention of other men. The girls with good relationships with their fathers have first sexual intercourse later in life, than the girls who have bad relationships with their parents. Also, a good relationship with the father reduces the risk of teenage pregnancy.

5. Mental health
The daughters who have a strong relationship with their fathers rejoice to a better mental health, because they rarely suffer from mental disorders and depression and rarely develop eating problems like anorexia.

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6. Choice of a partner
It is often said that girls choose a partner who look alike their fathers. That comes from the fact that the father becomes a measure of masculinity and how one man should act, so he sets the standards by which daughter should choose her partner. Every girl learns how a man should treat a woman following the example of their parents. If her father behaved with respect to her mother, like: he opens the door for her mother, surprises her with flowers, she will expect the same of her partner.
Girls with the disturbed relationship with the father often come in troubled relationships where they are physically or mentally abused.